Asus X456UA Driver Download

Asus X456UA Driver Download. The The Asus X456UA notebook comes with the best sixth-generation processor of the Intel Core i5 processor, powered by 4GB of DDR3 RAM, and has been using SATA HDD up to 1 TB, also paired with Intel HD graphics paired with 14-inch screen.

Asus X456UA Driver DownloadThe Asus X456UA notebooks install the best Li-Polymer battery that gives you up to 700 charging cycles – 2.5 times with standard Li-ion cylinder battery life. In addition, Li-Polymer batteries can hold up to 80% of their original charge capacity even after hundreds of charging cycles so you do not have to worry about a performance slump. Thanks to an intelligent combination of Li-Polymer hardware and software, the battery complies with the highest standards of charging and battery life thereby providing optimum performance to extend the battery life of the Asus X456UA notebook.

The Asus X456UA Support for operating system :

  • Windows 10 (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Windows 8 (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Windows Vista (32 bit & 64 bit)

Asus X456UA Driver Download

EMI and SafetyKCC Certification951.97 KB 2015/10/28Download
EMI and SafetyFCC Declaration of Conformity86.68 KB 2015/10/10Download
EMI and SafetyCE Declaration of Conformity45.79 KB 2015/10/10Download
EMI and SafetyCCC Certification1.89 MB 2015/10/10Download
EMI and SafetyCB Certification243 KB 2015/10/10Download
EMI and SafetyBSMI Certification481.22 KB 2015/10/10Download
BIOSBIOS 300(X456UAM)2.52 MB 2016/07/29Download
BIOSBIOS 203(X456UAM)2.52 MB 2016/05/26Download
BIOSBIOS 206 (X456UA)2.51 MB 2016/03/08Download
BIOSBIOS 202 (X456UAM)2.52 MB 2016/03/01Download
BIOSBIOS 2042.51 MB 2015/12/02Download
BIOSBIOS 2032.51 MB 2015/09/28Download
BIOS-UtilitiesWindows BIOS Flash Utility965.53 KB 2016/01/26Download
BIOS-UtilitiesWindows BIOS Flash Utility888.63 KB 2015/08/14Download
ChipsetIntel INF Update Driver2.7 MB 2016/02/17Download
ChipsetIntel INF Update Driver2.68 MB 2015/08/13Download
ATKATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities11.84 MB 2016/02/04Download
ATKATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities11.8 MB 2015/10/28Download
AUDIOConexant Audio Driver(X456UAM)118.3 MB 2016/02/23Download
AUDIOConexant Audio Driver117.42 MB 2015/09/22Download
VGAIntel Graphics Driver(X456UAM)172.51 MB 2016/02/18Download
VGAnVidia Graphics Driver(X456UAM)459.16 MB 2016/02/18Download
VGAIntel Graphics Driver177.88 MB 2015/09/15Download
VGAnVidia Graphics Driver437.42 MB 2015/09/09Download
LANRealtek LAN Driver9.31 MB 2015/09/11Download
Card ReaderAlcor Multi-Card Reader Driver14.47 MB 2016/02/25Download
Card ReaderAlcor Multi-Card Reader Driver16.59 MB 2015/08/28Download
TouchPadASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver)53.75 MB 2015/11/13Download
TouchPadASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver)  50.29 MB 2015/07/23Download
UtilitiesASUS Live Update8.71 MB 2016/06/06Download
UtilitiesICEsound5.79 MB 2016/02/17Download
UtilitiesASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology10.62 MB 2016/01/20Download
UtilitiesASUS Live Update Utility9.83 MB 2015/11/13Download
UtilitiesGaming Assistant 1.58 MB 2015/10/22Download
UtilitiesGaming Assistant1.58 MB 2015/09/22Download
UtilitiesASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology10.64 MB 2015/09/15Download
UtilitiesASUS Live Update Utility9.87 MB 2015/09/09Download
UtilitiesICEsound5.73 MB 2015/09/01Download
UtilitiesASUS HiPost5.56 MB 2015/08/20Download
UtilitiesASUS USB Charger Plus10.86 MB 2015/07/24Download
WirelessQualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application84.02 MB 2016/02/25Download
WirelessQualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application40.44 MB 2016/02/25Download
WirelessRealtek Wireless Lan Driver and Application46.27 MB 2016/02/04Download
WirelessASUS Wireless Radio Control159.97 KB 2015/09/25Download
WirelessRealtek Wireless Lan Driver and Application34.23 MB 2015/08/25Download
WirelessASUS Wireless Radio Control156.15 KB 2015/08/14Download
BlueToothQualcomm Atheros BlueTooth driver8.16 MB 2016/02/25Download
BlueToothRealtek BlueTooth driver13.23 MB 2016/02/25Download
BlueToothRealtek BlueTooth driver15.82 MB 2015/09/09Download
BlueToothQualcomm Atheros BlueTooth driver7.74 MB 2015/09/01Download
OthersIntel Management Engine Interface51.7 MB 2016/02/25Download
OthersIntel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Driver17.4 MB 2016/02/17Download
OthersIntel Rapid Storage Technology driver2.21 MB 2016/01/26Download
OthersIntel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Driver17.23 MB 2015/09/10Download
OthersIntel Management Engine Interface62.93 MB 2015/09/10Download
OthersIntel Rapid Storage Technology driver2.23 MB 2015/09/09Download
OthersIntel(R) Serial IO I2C Driver3.93 MB 2015/08/31Download
ManualCE MARK WARNING61.35 KB 2016/04/20Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Portuguese Edition5.45 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Simplified Chinese Edition5.31 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Lithuanian Edition4.98 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Latvia Edition5.87 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Estonian Edition5.16 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Slovenian Edition6.02 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Ukrainian Edition5.89 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Indonesia Edition5.27 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Russian Edition7.67 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Romanian Edition5.59 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Brazilian Portuguese Edition5.53 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Polish Edition5.57 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Norwegian Edition5.56 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Dutch Edition5.42 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Korean Edition6.14 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Italian Edition8.31 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for English Edition5.9 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Greek Edition6.03 MB 2015/09/21Download
ManualUser’s Manual for German Edition6.91 MB 2015/09/18Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Danish Edition5.55 MB 2015/09/18Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Czech Edition5.51 MB 2015/09/18Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Traditional Chinese Edition5.94 MB 2015/09/18Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Bulgarian Edition5.6 MB 2015/09/18Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Serbian Edition6.28 MB 2015/09/18Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Thai Edition5.98 MB 2015/09/18Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Swedish Edition5.91 MB 2015/09/18Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Slovakian Edition5.92 MB 2015/09/18Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Croatian Edition5.54 MB 2015/09/18Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Hungarian Edition6.33 MB 2015/09/18Download
ManualUser’s Manual for French Edition5.43 MB 2015/09/18Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Finnish Edition5.18 MB 2015/09/18Download
ManualUser’s Manual for Spanish Edition5.52 MB 2015/09/18Download